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Subject: RE: Controlling page breaks in printouts
Date: Fri, 21 Jun 1996 14:32:33 -0400

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>-- Unless this BLOCK attribute somehow manipulates the actualy display
>of the data I'm not sure it should be considered as part of the
>standard.  It appears as though right from the beginning HTML was not
>meant for being printed out.  To start defining printing sepcification
>would almost seem as a waste of time.  Exactly how does one print out a
>Java applet or embedded movie?  And Tables could a be a real problem,
>for many of them extend well past one page.  BUT, if browsers supported
>such tags as BLOCK for printing only, it would'nt make much difference
>to display if you threw them in or not.

But it would make a difference depending on what printer you have.
Controlling the printout has the same problems as controlling the
dispplay on the screen. It will be heavily dependent upon resolution,
printer model, paper size, toner callibration, and the display font and
size on the screen; or do you propose to standardize the printout,
preferences be damned?

One thing I _would_ like to see implimented is a way to print the
background image.
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