Re: Tricky Form
Thu, 20 Jun 96 08:42:31 +0500

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Date: Thu, 20 Jun 96 08:42:31 +0500
Subject: Re: Tricky Form

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> >> >How do you default the blinking cursor to a field in a form? Has anyone
> >> >done this before?
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> >> As far as I know, there's no way.  In any case, why should you want to?
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> >In my case, our users are complaining that they have to set focus on input
> >forms.  Once in an input field <tab> moves the cursor to the next one.
> >It would be nice to specify the placement of the cursor right at the start.
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> >terry sullivan
> >Florida Center for Library Automation
> Ah, you mean tabbing doesn't activate until you click with the mouse?
> Netscape 1.1 had this "problem" but 2.0 "fixed" it. Except that once you
> tab into a multi-line textbox, the tab key just inserts a control
> character. Oh well, I guess they have to save some things for future
> revisions!

No, I mean you can not tab from one input field to the next until you set the 
cursor focus in an input field.  I tried 2.01 and sure enough the tab didn't
work until I set the focus in an input field.

terry sullivan
Florida Center for Library Automation