Re: Arena / Amaya (was: Re: <math>, <fig>, ...)

Steve Heaney (
18 Jun 96 17:53:47 +0000

Date: 18 Jun 96 17:53:47 +0000
Subject: Re: Arena / Amaya (was: Re: <math>, <fig>, ...)
From: "Steve Heaney" <>
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>Steve Heaney wrote:
>> Amaya is a testbed client for experimenting with new Web features.
>> Amaya will be available soon to W3C members and the Web community one
>> month after.
>> Amaya runs on Unix workstation and is being ported to PC/Windows.
>Is there a Macintosh version of this application in the works? There is 
>a significant amount of HTML authoring being done on the MacOS, and the 
>availability of such a tool would promote the use of standard and valid 

I agree - I'm on the lookout for a good Mac product as well.  This one 
is for the W3C to answer though.  I'm not sure what the priorities are 
for the Amaya developers.

A commercial product called Symposia from GRIF S.A. shares the same roots 
as Amaya and I would not be suprised if GRIF will pick up and deliver 
technologies demonstrated in Amaya in Symposia .  They are currently 
not planning a Mac version of their product but I get the impression 
they are open to persuasion.

Try sending mail to <>
if you are interested in Symposia for the Mac.



P.S. Sorry if this is a little off topic for the list.