Re: IETF HTML V. 2.0 Question

Marcus E. Hennecke (
Wed, 12 Jun 1996 09:32:09 -0700

Date: Wed, 12 Jun 1996 09:32:09 -0700
From: (Marcus E. Hennecke)
Message-Id: <>
Subject: RE: IETF HTML V. 2.0 Question

On Wed, 12 Jun 1996 08:59:48 -0400, "Solko, Dave (SOLKODE)" <> wrote:
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> >Sent: 	Thursday, June 6, 1996 9:39PM
> > Those that are processed in a document instance need
> >to
> >be 'escaped'. In HTML these include STAGO ('<'), TAGC ('>'), LIT ('"')
> >and
> >ERO ('&').
> >
> So, in order for my HTML to be proper SGML, I have to use the escape
> characters for all quotes, ampersands and angle-brackets? I have only
> found the need to escape from the angle-brackets (and actually, only the
> less than sign) in order for my HTML to be displayed correctly and
> validate.

You also need to escape the quote if it appears inside a quoted attribute

<img src="hello.gif" alt="Jonny says &quote;Hi!&quote;">

Of course, you could also use single quotes to quote the ALT text, it's
just that only few browsers support this. And the ampersands you need to
escape if combined with following text it could be confused with an
entity (e.g. "The units volt&amp are important in Electrical Engineering").

Marcus E. Hennecke