Fixing errors in HTML
Fri, 07 Jun 1996 0:00:04 METDST

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Subject: Fixing errors in HTML
Date: Fri, 07 Jun 1996 0:00:04 METDST
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 Most people have probably noticed the problem
with HTML errors in guestbooks and other dynamic
documents that sometimes screw up the complete
What I want to know is:
  1) Is there a handy piece of software (perl script
  or whatever) that can check that all tags that
  are supposed to be closed are closed, that there
  are no missing "'s etc., i.e. a minor syntax checker
  that can be applied on forms input ?

  2) One can also do a pretty dirty thing by
  putting in a whole bunch of closing tags
  after each part in a dynamic document such
  that anchors, headers, etc really are closed
  (twice..). Would it be possible to have a tag
  in HTML that surrounds a large piece of HTML
  and forces everything that's been opened
  after the start tag to be closed at the ending
  tag, i.e. some kind of HTML quoting.
  I suppose this doesn't really belong inside
  HTML but couldn't it be given as a hint
  to the parser of the client at least ?

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