Batch Files (Way Off-Topic)

Fisher Mark (
Thu, 25 Jul 96 12:52:00 PDT

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Subject: Batch Files (Way Off-Topic)
Date: Thu, 25 Jul 96 12:52:00 PDT
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Walter Ian Kaye writes in <v03007818ae1d4f9f2cca@[]>:
>I have *more* control over my environment via AppleScript and Apple events
>than you have via a primitive command line. You needn't feel sorry! ;D
>(I've written DOS batch files, so I'm qualified to talk, hehehe)

Unfortunately, DOS batch files can quickly qualify you for The 
Thompson-Ritchie Gentle Rest Home for the Scripting Underpowered.  If I have 
to write something scripty and portable, I will use Perl -- matter of fact, 
I am likely to use Perl anyway.  Although I haven't use AppleScript and 
AppleEvents, I gather they have similar power.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled CDATA debate, in progress...
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