Re: Line breaking (<NOBR>, <WBR>)

Sun, 21 Jul 1996 23:34:19 -0400

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Date: Sun, 21 Jul 1996 23:34:19 -0400
To: "Keith Calvert Ivey" <>,
From: ("The ZargMeister")
Subject: Re: Line breaking (<NOBR>, <WBR>)

At 8:45 PM 7/21/96, Keith Calvert Ivey wrote:
>Paul Prescod <> gave the
>following reason for not including <WBR> and <NOBR> in HTML:
>> Simply because line breaking is a purely presentational
>> feature that is only meaningful in certain mediums. As such,
>> it should go in a style sheet.
>Then was the inclusion of <BR> and &nbsp; in HTML a mistake
>(not to mention <B>, <I>, ALIGN, and all the rest)?  For that
>matter, capitalization is a purely presentational feature that
>is only meaningful in certain mediums--should it be handled by
>style sheets?
>How would one use a style sheet to do the equivalent of <NOBR>?
>Something like
>    <SPAN CLASS=PHONE>+1 703 683 0683</SPAN>
>with PHONE indicated as nonbreaking in the stylesheet?  Or
>    <SPAN CLASS=NOBREAK>H-P</SPAN> calculators
>As for <WBR>, I don't see how style sheets would handle it.
>Does the style definition include a list of the characters
>after which line breaks are allowed?  If so, then if "/" were
>defined as one of them, we'd need a nonbreaking slash (for,
>say, "1/2") as well as the nonbreaking space and hyphen.
>Keith C. Ivey <>
>Washington, DC
>Untangling the Web <>

Very Well Said Keith!,

        I say get your head out of your ass and use a little common sense.
        The rules of writing have long been written and to communicate
        with others in this (20th Century ) society...[Notice the uneccessary
        capitalization and punctuation used in this comment] it is neccessary
        that we maintain some continuity with regard to the currently
        accepted methods of communication.

        If however you are determined to invent a new language of your own
        with it's own grammer and syntax, then do it somewhere else.

Sincerely,  (More uneccessary capitalization and punctuation )

The ZargMeister