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Date: Sat, 13 Jul 1996 11:52:06 -0700

I could care less about SGML rules.....

because nearly ALL existing browsers WORK with it --- which is the
ENTIRE point here.  DTD's or no, its a decent, usable idea.

Maintaining HTML as a subset of SGML is not a goal of the WG charter NOR
is it a goal of W3.  If we head off vendors with ideas that are easy to
implement, parse and author... and ideas that work with existing
browsers..... somebody might listen......(personally I believe the
vendors are listening).

The other goal here is to keep the darn thing Readable to a human.......
(it's bad enough W3 had to go ahead and create whole new C-style syntax
for CSS).

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>Subject: 	Re: a bad idea (fwd)
>At 7:22p -0700 07/12/96, MegaZone wrote:
>>Once upon a time Marc Salomon shaped the electrons to say...
>>>|<IMG SRC="x" SRC="y" SRC="n-1" "SRC="n" PICK=RANDOM>
>>>SGML won't allow multiple occurances of an attribute in an element.  Sorry.
>>Yeah, that's too bad...
>>How about:
>How about...
><META NAME="altgifs" CONTENT="
>Predefine the lists in the <head>, and reference from the body.
>Would this break any SGML rules?
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