Re: a bad idea

Jim Taylor (
Wed, 10 Jul 1996 12:54:15 -0800

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Date: Wed, 10 Jul 1996 12:54:15 -0800
From: Jim Taylor <>
Subject: Re: a bad idea

>>> Erik Aronesty <> 07/10/96 06:08am >>>
Would it be difficult to make a DTD for something like this.....
VARNAME=X2 ..........

That way any tag can have multiple choices for variables, with an
optional picking mechanism

It's not such a bad idea, which must be why both Ron Schnell and I
proposed similar ideas (check the archives for "Proposal: New Anchor
Attributes" and "Alternate Source Tags?"). Ron's supposedly working up
an official proposal (how's it coming, Ron?). Your ideas of extending it to
cover other choices such as fonts and allowing the user to make the
selection have merit and perhaps should be included in the proposal.

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