Re: Table Extension

Mon, 8 Jul 1996 09:47:32 -0400

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Subject: RE: Table Extension
Date: Mon, 8 Jul 1996 09:47:32 -0400

>Sent: 	Sunday, July 7, 1996 1:38PM
>The current table model cannot (I believe) be easily shown
>I have been thinking about this and have come up with the following
>sollution, it's an extension and it should be possible to make it
>compatible with the current implementation.
><TC> indicates a column, <TD> a cell.

I've always wondered why tables wern't set up this way in the first
place. If they worked this way, there wouldn't be as much of a rendering
problem for non table-compliant browsers -- for the tables I create at
least. While setting things up in rows instead of colums may be a little
easier to visualize, IMHO, organizing in cols would be better. Maybe
there should be something like this in Wilbur.
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