Symposia, was Re: Wish List for New Spec

Christophe Bonnet (
Tue, 09 Jan 1996 11:55:41 +0100

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Subject: Symposia, was Re: Wish List for New Spec 
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Date: Tue, 09 Jan 1996 11:55:41 +0100
From: Christophe Bonnet <>

> Have you looked at Symposia? This gives WYSIWIG HTML editing with lock/unlock 
> and save back to the original server using PUT; it is even closer to what the 
> NeXT browser/editor tried to do.Oh and it does Math too, but it doesn't look 
> like the HTML 3 draft math. I need to root in the documentation to see what 
> it does use.

The use of PUT in symposia is very interesting indeed. I must admit I share 
the dream of a read/write web... Too bad a good deal of servers (this does not 
include the CERN HTTPD) ignored the "write" half.

Talking about Symposia, I was quite disturbed by their "strict" enforcement of 
the DTD, which IMHO is a lot more strict than the DTD itself. For instance, 
when you edit a document you wrote "manually", using tag and attribute 
omission extensively, Symposia will try to infer the missing tags and 
attribute. Moreover, it will do so poorly : I have seen some of my document 
badly corrupted by thhese insertions.

Then again, the concept is very good, and what I've seen was just a beta 

Oh, talking about wild dreams : I hope one day the full power of the LINK tag 
will be used !