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Fisher Mark (
Thu, 04 Jan 96 08:36:00 PST

From: Fisher Mark <>
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Subject: Re: Wish List for New Spec
Date: Thu, 04 Jan 96 08:36:00 PST
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1. Math -- not for me, but for my users.  A lot of TV design/research 
involves equations, requiring my users to create their documents in 
Microsoft Word.  If HTML had math, it could be just about as easy for my 
users to create in HTML (using Internet Assistant for Word) as in Word, with 
all of HTML's additional benefits.

2. File Upload as a mandatory (usage?) rather than experimental standard. 
 Kudos to Larry Masinter and Ernesto Nebel for their work on file upload, 
which should finally result in the "read-write" Web Tim BL dreamed of years 
ago.  Why is it that so few people other than me think this is the greatest 
Web advance since images :(?

3. Citations would be incredibly helpful, as Dan Connolly noted in 
>A zillion times a day, I copy the URL, title, last modification date,
>and author -- a citation -- from one document to another. Very manually
>intensive. There's got to be a better way! We need richer semantics
>in HTML (and authoring tools that handle them.)
Recent work on a paper that cites much from the Web has proven this to me.
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