Re: Automatic Entry and Forms

Robert Hazeltine (
Fri, 23 Feb 1996 13:55:10 +1100 (EST)

Date: Fri, 23 Feb 1996 13:55:10 +1100 (EST)
From: Robert Hazeltine <>
To: "Phillip M. Hallam-Baker" <>
Subject: Re: Automatic Entry and Forms
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On Thu, 22 Feb 1996, Phillip M. Hallam-Baker wrote:

> Here is a proposal on Automated Forms Filling

Someone has finally put a proposal together so forms can be filled in 
authomatically.  I have watched the discussion grow to this point but I 
think the stage has come to insert <REALITY CHECK> into the thread.

The number of permutations of data sets and the purposes to which they 
can be put is staggering.  To organise such into a manageable scheme 
seems more daunting than setting up the web.

Then on the other hand, maybe we just do not need all those systems and 
data analysts or computers are already imbrued with ai (and I just don't 
know about it yet) or I am prepared to allow someone to suck in more 
information about me off the Internet than is good for my privacy.  I am 
a fairly consistent user of the Internet, and I have *not once* felt the 
urge to use an application that automatically gave someone information 
about myself (not even my data or birth or my great grandmother's maiden 

Even if it can be done, get real.


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