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Fri, 23 Feb 1996 08:47:12 -0600

Date: Fri, 23 Feb 1996 08:47:12 -0600
From: (Scott E. Preece)
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Subject: Re: Automatic Entry and Forms

|   From: Robert Hazeltine <>
|   Then on the other hand, maybe we just do not need all those systems and 
|   data analysts or computers are already imbrued with ai (and I just don't 
|   know about it yet) or I am prepared to allow someone to suck in more 
|   information about me off the Internet than is good for my privacy.  I am 
|   a fairly consistent user of the Internet, and I have *not once* felt the 
|   urge to use an application that automatically gave someone information 
|   about myself (not even my data or birth or my great grandmother's maiden 
|   name).

I'm not sure what you're responding to - are you opposed to the browser
automatically filling in any data in FORMs for you?  This seems a little
bizarre - I find typing my name and e-mail address into forms (such as
Netscape bug reports) even a couple of times a day is pretty irritating.
It's not a major problem, but it is an area where a little standards
engineering could make life a little easier for users.

Nobody is proposing that there be a comprehensive set of tags for all
possible fields in use on the net.  However, it doesn't seem
unreasonable to standardize a few (maybe a dozen) tags for things that
are frequently used (name, e-mail address, voice and fax phone numbers,
organization, street address, city, state/province, postal code,
and country come to mind).  The other approach, the browser that learns,
doesn't need standardization.


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