Re: searching for a Web editor

Walter Ian Kaye (
Tue, 20 Feb 1996 22:53:24 -0800

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Date: Tue, 20 Feb 1996 22:53:24 -0800
From: (Walter Ian Kaye)
Subject: Re: searching for a Web editor

At 7:27a 02/21/96, wrote:

>I'm searching for a program which help me in editing Web pages.
>There's a shareware one on the net?

There's lots! You didn't mention what platform you are wanting it for, but
there are editors for several platforms. Search your favorite archive --
for Mac users there is an /html directory under /text at Info-Mac sites,
for example.

And synchronicity... I just got an idea today for writing one in MS Word
6.0. I know there is already Internet Assistant, but people say it's slow.
The idea I got today, when implemented, will be super fast (and
extensible). Heh, and it was just a few days ago I was telling someone that
I'd probably never use Word for HTML! Funny how ya just never know... <g>


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