Target window reference back to parent?

Yvonne DeGraw (
Tue, 20 Feb 1996 13:30:48 -0700

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Date: Tue, 20 Feb 1996 13:30:48 -0700
From: (Yvonne DeGraw)
Subject: Target window reference back to parent?

I'm using Netscape's new target= syntax in a link to open a separate
browser window (not just a separate frame) called "image". From the "image"
window, is there a way to make a link use the window from which this 2nd
window was opened?

I don't see a way to give the existing window a target name. Is there a
reserved name for the parent "window" as opposed to the parent "frame"? (I
browsed the JavaScript doc, but don't see a way to get to the separate
unnamed window object.) The window that opened the "image" window may be
the inital web browser window or another one the user has opened. If
<FRAMESET> had a "name=" attribute, I could solve the problem by giving the
calling window a name.

I know that if these were just separate frames instead of separate windows,
I could use targets of "_top", "_parent", etc. Or, I could use the
JavaScript examples that Friedhelm ( referenced here
recently to create a "Back" button for a single frame.

Any ideas for a way to do this with separate windows, not just separate frames?

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