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Mon, 19 Feb 1996 00:43:25 -0500

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Subject: Re: Auto fill for form fields 
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Date: Mon, 19 Feb 1996 00:43:25 -0500
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In message <>, Jim Taylor writes:
>I'm getting really tired of typing my name and e-mail address in form after
>form after form on the Web. It seems to me that a simple extension to
>HTML could save thousands of people from early carpal tunnel syndrome
>by automatically supplying commonly requested information.

A primitive version of this mechanism was written up in:

in section "II. Automated HTML forms through Profiles"

Phill Hallam-Baker made an excellent suggestion that the list of magic
form field names be decentralized: the <form> element would be
annotated with a URI referencing a schema or template defining the
field names, ala:

	<form schema="" action="/cgi-bin/buy-printer-paper">

	<p>Badge number: <input name="badge-number">
	<p>Office number <input name="office">

	<p>Quantity <input name="qty"> [in reams]

We think this is a great idea, and I think Phil intends to write it up.

But I'd be happy to see somebody else write it up and submit it as a W3C
working draft or an Internet Draft.