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Subject: Re: lynx and image maps 
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Date: Wed, 07 Feb 1996 08:21:11 -0500
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In message <>, lilley writes:
>Yes, this is a simple addition to make. We have been running such a 
>modified cgi program since August 95. I have put together a page that 
>demonstrates this [1] but those of you who are unable to display pages 
>without images ;-) may prefer to go direct to the explanation [2] which
>also has links to download the source.
>I tested this with emacs-w3 (an old version, 2.1.90), lynx (also 
>old, v2.3), and Netscape 2.0N for X (with inline image loading disabled).

I think I'd like to see this sort of thing written up as a W3C tech
report. Title might be "HTML Imagemap Recommendations for Information

	(It would eventually be released as an informaional RFC,
	but I don't necessarily want to go through the whole IETF
	review process for 'recommendations' documents. Of course,
	at the discrtion of whoever writes the draft, it could be
	an html-wg work product.)

The HTML 2.0 spec specifies a certain syntax, and gives a little bit
of semantics, but there's a lot missing in the way of recommended
practices. TimBL used to maintain a style guide, but he hasn't got
time to keep it up to date.

Right now, I think the world gets referred to the NCSA documentation,
which hasn't undergone a peer review process (I think?) and hence
doesn't always address the minority concerns.

W3C's conformance testing efforts[1] are about to heat up, and concise
specs on such issues just might begin to have a "force of law" behind
them before you know it.