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Brandt Dainow (
Wed, 18 Dec 96 10:03:27 UT

Date: Wed, 18 Dec 96 10:03:27 UT
From: "Brandt Dainow" <>
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Subject: RE: animation frenzy

I would suggest MS have missed the point about the WWW & Netscape's success.  
It is not about features, but systems.  The popularity of the internet is 
primarily based on the fact that it gives the world platform-independant data 
sharing.  Netscape reaches markets IE can't because IE requires Windows.  The 
days of market dominance based on control of the OS are numbered, and will one 
day be seen as a temporary aberation in the history of computing the way 
Ford's dominance of the car industry was in the 20's & 30's.  Within 10 years 
choice of OS will be as important as choice of hardware manufacturer.  MS must 
liberate their products from the WinDos platform if they are to succeed on the 

Brandt Dainow
Internet Etc

From: 	David Perrell
Sent: 	18 December 1996 04:48
To: 	Jonathan Gapen;
Subject: 	Re: animation frenzy

Jonathan Gapen wrote:
>    The whole "browser war" thing to date has been also a battle of
style and
flash over substance.  If they can't put all sorts of gimmicky, useless
bits on their pages, how can they demonstrate the superiority of

Easy. MSIE has more powerful layout tools than NSN. Style and flash
aren't synonymous. Static pages can be laid out with dynamic placement.
Flash can be a useful tool to gain attention, but overused it's an
annoyance, and thereby defeats its intent.

David Perrell