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> Does anyone remember when CGM was the big thing in computer graphics
> standards?
> ANSI/ISO 8632.1-4:1992
> ...
> Is this a standard or what?
> Ok, so it's flawed. But it's there. Many a web graphic could be a
> fraction of the size of a GIF bitmap, and be resizable as well.
> So why isn't it supported by graphical browsers?

I think it would be useful, but I wonder if people raised on 24-bit color
depth raster graphics see any need for vector graphics.  At any rate,
there is a MIME type for binary CGM (image/cgm).  The Pittsburgh
Supercomputing Center (plug!) some time ago developed an application,
gplot, to display CGM files under X, Microsoft Windows and Macintosh.
It is freely usable and modifiable, but redistribution would require
negotiation.  If some enterprising soul would like to try to incorporate
it into a browser to display CGM images in line, it can be picked up from

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