Proposition for tag <JUNK>

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Fri, 23 Aug 1996 08:30:54 -0600

From: "Imagination's End" <>
Date: Fri, 23 Aug 1996 08:30:54 -0600
Subject: Proposition for tag <JUNK>
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I think <JUNK> would be a good tag, and I think all the following 
should be shorthand for junk: blink, margquee, bgsound, embed, 
center, and a few others! :)

Actually, I think junk would be a good tag for revision marking.  
I can't do DTDs so here's my brief explanation.


AUTHOR: Name of author who changed this portion of the document.
DATE: When the change was made.

Any existing browsers would just display the stuff in between, but a 
browser that supports the tag could do revision marking.  You could 
the revisions between a set of dates, before a date, after a date, by 
a certain author, have different rendering styles for each author.

I think this would be great for pages that continually change with 
time relevant information as well.  Just look at the W3 news page.  
Everytime I go back my browser could check the last time I was there, 
and simple show me what has been added.

I like the idea, but the actual implementation would need to be a lot 
better than what I showed above.

Maybe <DATED> would be a better name.  I couldn't see how this could 
be implemented any other way at the moment.
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