Amaya, a new Web browser/editor released by W3C

Vincent QUINT (
Fri, 23 Aug 1996 13:02:37 +0200

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Subject: Amaya, a new Web browser/editor released by W3C
Date: Fri, 23 Aug 1996 13:02:37 +0200
From: Vincent QUINT <>

Amaya is a Web client that acts both as a browser and as an authoring tool.
It has been designed with the primary purpose of being a testbed for
experimenting and demonstrating new specifications and extensions of Web
protocols and standards. Its main features include WYSIWYG editing, support
for Cascading Style Sheets, full implementation of HTML 3.2, access to
remote documents through the W3C Reference Library, and publishing on
HTTP servers using the PUT method. It supports various graphic
formats, including PNG.

The first version of this client should be available in source form by
the end of 1996. In order to allow the Web community to evaluate
the software and to send feedback to the development team, an early
binary release is provided now.

For more information about Amaya:

For downloading Amaya:

V. Quint