Re: MATH tags and related issues...

Paul Prescod (
Tue, 16 Apr 1996 18:58:47 -0400

Date: Tue, 16 Apr 1996 18:58:47 -0400
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To: Roger Layton <>
From: Paul Prescod <>
Subject: Re: MATH tags and related issues...
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At 12:01 AM 4/17/96 +-200, Roger Layton wrote:
>I am presuming that this listserv is the focal point of discussion 
> on HTML standards and evolution. This is what I gained from the description 
> in the W3 pages... (I think that is where I found the address)....However, 
> the discussions appear to be more around the effective usage of HTML 
than deeper developmental issues....

Those are abuses of the forum. People ask HTML coding questions. Other
people answer them. It turns into a tech support area. Let's talk HTML
development and see if we can't win it back.

As far as math goes, it is certainly _appropriate_ here, but I wonder if it
isn't a broad and complex enough topic for its own mailing list. I suspect
that serious mathemticians would not hang around long after they read their
first "what is Javascript?" message.

 Paul Prescod