Re: Multiple METAs? (Was Re: Inserting audio.)

Paul Derbyshire (ao950@FreeNet.Carleton.CA)
10 Apr 1996 06:28:52 GMT

From: ao950@FreeNet.Carleton.CA (Paul Derbyshire)
Subject: Re: Multiple METAs?  (Was Re: Inserting audio.)
Date: 10 Apr 1996 06:28:52 GMT
Message-Id: <4kfkf4$>

> Is it incorrect HTML to have multiple <META http-equiv="Refresh" ...> state-
> ments?  I have two on my homepage, one which plays a sound and one which takes
> the reader to another page.  Only the redirection, which is the second META
> statement, works in Netscape, which doesn't necessarily mean the coding is 
> wrong of course.  :-)
 Let me guess: announcing! or intro page, with sound, then index page. My
 guess about problem: the page load is happening before the sound meta is
 triggered, and it erases the sound meta before it can "go off". Or,
 Netscape just ignores extra Refresh: in the header.
 Make a frameset document. In its refresh header is a meta to load your
 main screen after 5 seconds. It has one frame. The frame document has a
 meta to play the sound and contains the intro html.
     <meta http-equiv="Refresh:"
       content="5; url=http://blah.blah/~whatever/index.html">
   <frameset rows="*">
     <frame src=intro.html>
     <meta http-equiv="Refresh:"
       content="1; url=http://blah.blah/~whatever/">
     Some HTML

(Hope this works, I wrote it on the fly) 

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