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In message <>, Andy Pearson writes:
>I have some questions about HTML current and future extensions for
>control of peripheral devices. 


> I've read the FAQ and looked through
>the archives without getting any leads, so here goes...
>What I want to find out is:  is there a forum for standardizing on these
>extension tags?  If there is, who do I contact?

Hmmm... these two don't jive: I'm pretty sure the FAQ points
to the W3C and the IETF. I know it points to

which discusses the issue in detail:

HTML Groups, Discussion
Forums, and Archives 

     A USENET newsgroup where HTML
     authoring issues are discussed. "How To ..."
     questions should be addressed here. Note
     that many issures related to forms and CGI,
     image maps, transparent gifs, etc. are covered
     in the WWW FAQ. 
     A technical discussion list, with a hypertext
     archive (now searchable! Thanks EIT guys!). 

     If you have a proposal for a change to HTML,
     you might start a discussion here to see what
     other developers think of it. Always check
     the archive first! 
HTML Working Group 
     W3C staff members edit and review HTML
     standards in the HTML working group of the
         HTML WG mailing list archives 

     If you have researched a proposal thoroughly
     and at least started to get some
     implementation experience, you may submit
     your proposal to html-wg for standardization
     in the IETF. 

     If you are new to the IETF, you should
     probably do some background reading. I
         IETF Working Group Process 
         Guidelines to Draft Authors 
         The TAO of the IETF 
HTML Editorial Review Board 
     A small, focused working group of the W3C
     membership (and invited experts) to review
     HTML specifications. 

I'm starting to wonder where folks find out about the www-html mailing
list. It gets a lot more traffic than www-talk. Lots of stuff that
seems to belong on www-talk goes to www-html.

Is it mentioned in books and stuff? yahoo? Where do most folks
find out about it?