Tags for peripheral device control

Andy Pearson (andyp@teleng.eng.telxon.com)
Mon, 8 Apr 96 10:38:20 EDT

Date: Mon, 8 Apr 96 10:38:20 EDT
From: andyp@teleng.eng.telxon.com (Andy Pearson)
Message-Id: <9604081438.AA15932@teleng.eng.telxon.com>
To: www-html@w3.org
Subject: Tags for peripheral device control
Cc: andyp@teleng.eng.telxon.com

Hi all,

I have some questions about HTML current and future extensions for
control of peripheral devices.  I've read the FAQ and looked through
the archives without getting any leads, so here goes...

I work for a company which makes handheld microcomputers.  You have
probably seen these at grocery stores and rental car agencies.  Our
interest in browsers and the Web is not so much in providing
nice-looking content as it is in being able to write inventory and
asset tracking applications using FORMs.  Web pages with these FORMs
would generally be on corporate Intranets, and would tend to be very
simple in terms of content.

Our handheld computers have a number of odd input devices (like
magnetic stripe readers, radios, and barcode scanners).  To simplify
writing FORMs-based applications, we want to provide tags that allow
configuration and control of these devices.  For instance, we want to
be able to indicate which FORM fields will accept input from which

Obviously, browsers supporting peripheral-control tags for handheld
computers are specific to an unusual corporate environment, but it
would be nice if all the browser products in our industry could support
the same HTML extensions for input device control.

What I want to find out is:  is there a forum for standardizing on these
extension tags?  If there is, who do I contact?


Andrew Pearson

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Telxon Corporation
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