Proposal: Default Button on Forms

Paul W. Barber (
Wed, 1 Nov 1995 20:36:55 -5

From: "Paul W. Barber" <>
Date: Wed, 1 Nov 1995 20:36:55 -5
Subject: Proposal:  Default Button on Forms
Message-Id: <>

I would like to suggest that there be a way of indicating a default 
Button on a Fill-out Form.  The way I understand the current spec is 
as follows (from -
Things to Note)
A "submit" element is necessary in all forms except those
     containing only a single INPUT element of type
     TEXT (in which case Return in the text entry
     area submits the form) or at least one INPUT element
     of type IMAGE (in which case a click in the image
     submits the form).

When a form has multiple Text areas, it would be helpful to be able 
to indicate a default Button.  This could possible by implemented as 

<INPUT TYPE="submit" DEFAULT="True" VALUE="Submit">

This would allow the user of the Fill-out Form to simply press the 
keyboard Enter to submit the form when it has multiple Text entries.  
It would also be useful with multiple Submit Buttons where the HTML 
author could decide which is the most common response and indicate it 
with the Default tag.
Paul Barber
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