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Scott J. Walter (
Mon, 29 May 95 13:29 CDT

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Date: Mon, 29 May 95 13:29 CDT
From: (Scott J. Walter)
Subject: Re: Adobe's Acrobat

At 08:41 AM 5/29/95 +0500, Srivastava Nandini wrote:

>Adobe's Acrobat Reader software requires a Distiller prog and Exchange 
>Prog to convert a ps file to pdf file and to create your own pdf file. 
>Does one have to get it separately coz i'm sure it doesn't come along the 

Yes, Adobe sells the Distiller as a separate entity (part of their Acrobat
"Pro" package, I believe) ... at a retail of $400-$500 US as I recall.

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