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At 4:05 PM 6/23/95, kitblake wrote:

>The Problem is Acrobat generates very large files, especially with pictures.

What do you consider "very large?" A forthcoming Netscape Navigator will
allow one to download separate pages from a pdf file rather than the entire
file, if a user wants only a portion. Too many sites today fail to break up
their pdf docs so folks can snag smaller portions if they so choose, in
addition to the full doc.

>Having some control mechanism to organize text in columns makes for better
>communication. A caption can be under a picture. Or next to it. Two or
>three important items can share the header space. Things to be skimmed, as
>in a newspaper, can be in narrow columns. Or linked footnotes can be on a
>wide margin.

See above. These are complementary tools, seems to me, each with particular
strengths and weaknesses.

~ Kurt

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