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>>1280x1024 screen my browser comes up 780 wide by 892 high.
>Wrong assumption: I work on an Indy - 1280x1024. And I still find 800 pixel
>line lengths hard to read.

This whole conversation seems to be predicated on "pixel" as a unit of
measure. Although it is true that current browsers interpret images  as
have a width and height measured in pixels,  measuring anything in pixels
should be considered a temporary hack to be repaired as soon as possible.

Others have already pointed out that FIG will use real-world units.  I
don't think it would break any rules if browsers also interpreted current
html images, rules, etc. as being measured in printers points (which just
happen to by 72 per inch, a nice match to a typical 72dpi screen
resolution) rather than pixels.  If a user wants a different scaling, a
"lens" mapping (applied to both text and images) is appropriate.


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