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Chris Hackett (
Mon, 26 Jun 1995 09:12:17 -0400

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Date: Mon, 26 Jun 1995 09:12:17 -0400
From: (Chris Hackett)
Subject: Users Pages

Good Day all,

        Please forgive me if this is an improper mailing list for this.  I
have a question about University pages, or pages with many many users.  I
have see pages where a large university has hundreds of home pages for
their students.  Is there a script of some sort that searches a machine or
searches all the /~username directories for a home.html file or something
and then creates a html file with all the links in it?  

        We are going to use NFS to mount space on a seperate machine for
users home pages.  I have noticed that if there is no home.htm(l) then the
browser will default to listing the files in the directory.  Is there a
setting in one of the configuration files for the server to avoid this? 
Thans for any help.

Chris Hackett (
WWW Developer
Georgia Southern University