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Adam Shenker (
Mon, 26 Jun 95 14:34:10 BST

Date: Mon, 26 Jun 95 14:34:10 BST
From: (Adam Shenker)
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Subject: Re: Users Pages

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Good Day all,

        Please forgive me if this is an improper mailing list for this.  I
have a question about University pages, or pages with many many users.  I
have see pages where a large university has hundreds of home pages for
their students.  Is there a script of some sort that searches a machine or
searches all the /~username directories for a home.html file or something
and then creates a html file with all the links in it?  

        We are going to use NFS to mount space on a seperate machine for
users home pages.  I have noticed that if there is no home.htm(l) then the
browser will default to listing the files in the directory.  Is there a
setting in one of the configuration files for the server to avoid this? 
Thans for any help.

Chris Hackett (
WWW Developer
Georgia Southern University

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You will have to write your own script to do this, but as you are using 
UNIX you can search for the home pages using the 'find' command. Look at
the man page for this as the find command is very difficult to master.

Hope this is helpful,