Re: When to use <p></p>

Michael Godsey (
Mon, 18 Dec 95 21:30:18 TZ

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From: Michael Godsey <>
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 95 21:30:18 TZ
Subject: RE: When to use <p></p>

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| From: BearHeart/Bill Weinman  <>
| ><P> is not a container object, so there is no </P>.  You can throw it
| >in, and most browsers won't mind.  It's not a required element, though.
| > <P> is just a paragraph seperator, not a container.
|    Actually, according to the DTD, <P> is a container--it contains text.
| The terminating </P> is optional, but in HTML 3 it will be more useful.
| .....
| And it's already implemented in Netscape 2.0 and some other browsers.
|    But technically, <p> is a container.

Bummer.  I was afraid I mis-spoke.  Problem here stems from over use of 
the word "container".  I tend to like to think of "container" as a 
bracket (start/end) surrounding an object, and tend to discuss it as such.

Oh well, at least the gist of what I said still holds true!  ;-)