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Sun, 30 Apr 95 11:26:18 PST

Subject:  Re: INCLUDE tag
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From: (Mike Meyer)
Date: Sun, 30 Apr 95 11:26:18 PST
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> [Quoting Martian, on April 29 1995, 22:55, in "Re: INCLUDE tag"]
> > After all, don't forget that #include is part of the C *preprocessor*,
> > not the compiler.
> Yes. That's why includes should be handled by the HTTP server (and do
> not really belong to HTML). The client should never notice that there
> has been something included.

There are two problems with making serverside includes mandatory:

1) So far, we've managed to avoid adding features that require parsing
at request time or parsing the entire file. This is a GOOD THING(tm),
and alternatives should be sought for anything that changes it.

2) There's already a feature for doing includes in HTML. I think
emacs-w3 implements it, but nothing I know of does.