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Sun, 30 Apr 95 10:14 MET DST

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Date: Sun, 30 Apr 95 10:14 MET DST
From: (Johan Vromans)
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Subject: Re: INCLUDE tag

[Quoting Martian, on April 29 1995, 22:55, in "Re: INCLUDE tag"]
> After all, don't forget that #include is part of the C *preprocessor*,
> not the compiler.

Yes. That's why includes should be handled by the HTTP server (and do
not really belong to HTML). The client should never notice that there
has been something included.
But also: the C-preprocessor is considered a mandatory part of every
C-compiler, so the semantics of 'HTML includes' could (I think:
should) be part of the HTML specs.

-- Johan