Imagemaps problem - need help

Grzesiek Staniak (
Sat, 12 Nov 1994 15:10:46 +0100

From: "Grzesiek Staniak" <>
Date:          Sat, 12 Nov 1994 15:10:46 +0100
Subject:       Imagemaps problem - need help
Message-Id: <>

Could anybody please help me with setting up an image map? 
I've been writing html scripts for a short time only and this was 
to be my first map.

I carefully followed the instructions found at
and, in particular:

- I have an NCSA httpd 1.3 running
- I created a config file (imagemap.conf) in the server's conf/ 
  directory, containing only lines such as the following:

     alias: /path/to/the/map/file/    

- I made sure the imagemap program is in the appropriate server directory 
  (it's mapper 1.2 by Kevin Hughes, rewritten and made CGI/1.0 compliant 
  by Rob McCool), and just in case I'm going to recompile it anyway
- at the location defined in the imagemap.conf file I created map files 
  in both NCSA and CERN standard using the Mapedit 1.3 software by Thomas
  Boutell, which gave map definition files looking like the following:
     rect 178,218 246,252 (NCSA)
     rect (29,234) (104,189) (CERN)
     (just sample lines)

- wrote html documents containing links to the documents specified in the 
  map file through a .gif file:
     <A HREF="">
     <IMG SRC="/path/to/gif/map.gif" ISMAP></A>.

However, all I get as a result of clicking on a selected area of the gif
is the contents of the map file dumped onto the screen. The location 
window of my Netscape (Windows) browser shows (correctly, I think):,264
that is, the server is aware that I'm using an imagemap, where I've just 
clicked on the gif and what the map file is. The same is true about the 
HP-UX version of Netscape, and NCSA Mosaic browsers on the two platforms, 
as well as WinWeb and Cello for Windows. I'm running out of ideas 
about what possibly could be wrong. IMHO the problem lies somewhere 
between the server and the imagemap program, that's why I'm recompiling 
it. But I would be very grateful if the more experienced among you found 
time to tell me what they think about it. Thanks a lot,

Grzesiek Staniak