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[LUSOnews] - February 9th Issue

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As a member of LUSONEWS we would like to offer you weekly news in English
from Portugal. This is produced by The News, Portugal's National Newspaper
in English.

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8th February - Contents

2. Reader Offers
3. Send The News to a friend
4. Search the database
5. This weeks recommended sites
6. How to subscribe to this newsletter
7. Links
8. No1 for news about Portugal

1 - HEADLINES (click link to see full story, and much more)

FRONT PAGE  - Government to announce revised car tax code by June

Cars cheaper in 2002

Early next month, Minister of Finance Pina Moura will be handed a final
report on the modification of Portugal's unique and controversial vehicle
tax (IA). According to this preliminary document, the current state
surcharge on new cars should be replaced by a registration tax
(substantially lower than IA) and an annual tax, which is set to be
considerably higher than the current municipal vehicle levy.
Click BLUE link to see full story - www.the-news.net

Swissair confirms TAP deal collapse

The SairGroup this weekend formally announced the breaching of its strategic
partnership agreement with TAP. The Swiss group did however endorse a bank
loan to the Portuguese airline, to the value of eight billion escudos (four
million euros), to save it from financial ruin and to refurbish an Airbus
310 plane.
Click BLUE link to see full story - www.the-news.net

War of the oranges

Compal fruit juice have fought back against the rival Sunny Delight, with a
scarcely veiled television advertisement, however the advertisement quickly
created controversy and has been withdrawn from all the television channels
in Portugal, writes Siobhan Mitchell.
Click BLUE link to see full story - www.the-news.net

Cork controversy brews

Moves to defend the cork oaks of Portugal took a political turn this week,
when delegates from the Socialist Party?run council of Montijo met with
officials representing President Jorge Sampaio on Tuesday, and with the
initiation of a national petition to be presented to the Parliament, writes
Siobhan Mitchell.
Click BLUE link to see full story - www.the-news.net

Another train strike date set

Contrary to what appeared to be the outcome at the last meeting between
train drivers' unions and CP (Portugal Rail), Lisbon traffic is to be
plunged into chaos as another strike has been set for Monday, February 19.
Click BLUE link to see full story - www.the-news.net


VALENTINE'S DAY If you are looking for something VERY special for your own
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3. Send News from Portugal to a friend

Send News about Portugal to a friend

To send The News by e-mail to a friend, click the link, and enter their
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4. Search the database

Thousands of articles from the last two years of The News are archived and
available for you to search by keyword http://the-news.net/search.htm

5. Recommended sites

BOOKS ABOUT PORTUGAL - Our special arrangement with Amazon means that you
can see all the titles they stock on the subject of Portugal with just one
click. Try it - www.the-news.net/Supplement/books.htm

6. How to subscribe to this newsletter

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7. Links

To advertise on The News site: http://www.the-news.net/advertising.htm

For details about advertising here or in the printed edition:

8. The No1 Webb site for news about Portugal in English

According to www.directhit.com, (the only search engine that rates sites
by the amount of visits received) The News is the most popular site on the
World Wide Webb for news about Portugal in English. The News site averaged
523,739 hits per month between January and August 2000.

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