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HTML 4.0 Errata Item #12

From: Brim, Bobby (R.L.) <rbrim@ford.com>
Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2000 10:11:31 -0400
Message-Id: <B0013542324@mzdy12.allegro.net>
To: "'www-html-editor@w3.org'" <www-html-editor@w3.org>

Contrary to the statement that "There is not problem..", there actually is.
I don't doubt that there is nothing wrong with the file itself, but I am
still unable to download it.  In my case, I'm attempting to download the PDF
file with Netscape v4.7 on my Dell PC running Win98 (don't recall the rev.).
Each time I click on the link to download the file, Netscape seems to load
something - it's actually reloading the current page, because if I hit the
Back button, it reloads again once.

Although I have successfully downloaded the HTML zip file, that's not the
version I'm interested in.  I prefer using Acrobat for off-line document
perusal - it's got some advantages built into the app that HTML pages have
to build into the documents and nobody takes the time to, nor is it worth it
to them.

I've tried several things to attempt to bypass the problem - changing
Applications Prefs, etc. - but nothing worked.  When I read your errata
page, I initially was hopeful that all I needed to do was find the file on
my hard drive and rename it.  However, the file was not on my hard drive.

I wanted to bring this to your attention.  Although I realize that this is
probably a Netscape problem, you still need to be aware that it is
nonetheless quite real and not a figment of someone's imagination.  Just
because the file's fine at your end, there still is a problem somewhere.

Thanks for your valuable time,

Bobby Brim

> Bobby Brim
> RCT Admin. - KCAP, PVT
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Received on Friday, 21 July 2000 10:14:14 UTC

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