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From: <samtee@techie.com>
Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2000 17:52:06
Message-Id: <376.767120.369365@mail.t4.tonn.gr>
You were referred to me as someone who was ready for a financial

 If you want to be successful you must first find someone who is 
successful and duplicate what they do.

 I am willing to teach you the secrets that I have learned in 
creating financial independence given that you pass a brief qualification.

 I am looking for a few motivated and teachable individuals who are 
ready to start earning at least $2,000 per week  starting right away.
And a SEVEN FIGURE income within the next 2 
 Yes, I said," You could be a millionaire!" Can you accept this in your life?

This is not multi- level marketing or a pyramid or a get rich quick 
money scheme. This is a real, legitimate business that does
 require a certain individual.

You must have two qualities-moderate people skills and a burning
  desire to be very successful.

If you are skeptical please DO NOT RESPOND! Call me at 
1-800-647-6131, EXT: 0344
Make sure to tell mention this letter!

I will then get back in contact with you for a brief interview.

P.S. Reduce your taxes by 50% at the same time!!

One time mailing. No removal required.

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