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AndyArt.com Update: Oct. 98

From: Andy Evans <art2@lonepeak.vii.com>
Date: Tue, 13 Oct 1998 15:27:06 -0600 (MDT)
Message-Id: <199810132127.PAA12667@olympus.vii.com>
Greetings Fellow Designers!

NOTE: This is a voluntary mailing list that you have signed up for.
TO BE REMOVED (I don't know why you would want to be), just read
the instructions at the very bottom of this e-mail. If you have got
this e-mail twice, I apologize.  There was an error in my mailing
list program and I had to resend.  DO NOT REPLY to this email, I
will not get your e-mail.  Please send comments to: andy@andyart.com

It's time for an Andy's Art Attack Update and it's been quite a while
since the last one.  I've been adding lots to the site, but just kinda
forgot to e-mail everyone and tell them about it.  :-)  Anyway, here
is quick list of some of the things that have been added in the last
few weeks.

If you have not been to the site in a month, you missed a big
change that I did to the opening page.  I have created a new 3D
menubar that is quite fun to see (especially the mouseovers).  You
can now also search the AndyArt site or surf with high or low
bandwidth settings to optimize your experience on the site.

That's right, the winners of the $2,000 gif animation contest were
announced.  You are also able to view all of the entries of the
contest and see some wonderful talent from AndyArt visitors.

I now have a new contest running that is even bigger then the last
one.  Over $5,000 in prizes this time and it should be quite fun.
If you have ever done an animated gif, then you must enter this!

For those of you that are "members" to the good stuff on my site.
There was a huge update this month with a complete redesign
and over 500 images added to the Vault.  There are now over 50
custom interfaces & over 6,000 other images on the site.  Be sure
and check out the new changes!  If you are not a member of the
Vault, don't miss out on the cool images that your friends have
access to.  Subscribe now!

I have added several pages to my Java Tips area of my site.
These new pages explain how to preload mouseover images, how
to do animated mouseovers & mouseover imagemaps.

I have completely redesigned my digital portfolio and added a
handful of new images.  You'll definitely have to check out what's
in my brain on this one.

For those of you that are linking to my site (or would like to) - I
made a fresh batch of new images that you are free to put on your
homepage to create a link to my site.  Also, the new referral
program should be up within the next week or so and it's going to
be awesome.  I'll be sending out another e-mail with all the details.

That's right, I've almost sold out of my original order of Win95 CD-
ROMs so I created a new batch of clear CD's that work on
Win95/98/NT, Mac, UNIX & OS 2.  I only have a few hundred
clear Win95 only CD's left at the $25 price, before the CD price
goes up to $35.  If you have been procrastinating buying the CD,
then this is your last chance to get the CD for $25.

For those of you that have wanted to see more pictures of me &
my family, I have uploaded a big handful of misc pictures for you.

Many of you have been asking when this will be back online.  I'm
happy to report that the new tracking system is 98% done and should
be ready in the next week or so.  This new program gives realtime
stats for every click you send to me as well as how many sales were
generated from the link on your homepage.  I'll drop everyone an
e-mail once this is online, it should be really awesome.

I can't possibly list all of the changes that I have made over the
last month, so just make sure you check out my What's New page
at: http://www.andyart.com/whatsnew.htm for all the latest stuff.

In the next few weeks, I will be adding new Halloween animations,
new Photoshop 5.0 Tips & more Illustrator Tips as well.  Come back
soon to see the new stuff.

Well, I believe I have said enough for this time around.  Just
check out the site for all of these updates and more.  New tips are
on their way as well, stay tuned.  The site would not be the same
without your visits & input.   Thanks to everyone that has
submitted comments or suggestions to the site as well.  I read
them all and will be implementing many of them soon.  Take care
and I hope to see you today at the site.  :-)

Andy Evans, Web Designer

An independent research conducted concluded that
the main hassles in dialing to the Internet are:

1. Busy lines from your local Internet Service Provider(ISP)
2. Sudden dropped connections

Well, I've finally it! Thanks to ConnectPal Professional, now all
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redial for me too!

Last week, it dawned upon me that why not I tell my members
about this piece of dialup gem. So I went about contacting the
author of ConnectPal Professional asking him if it is possible to
provide a discounted price for my list members. Well, he agreed!!
So, he has decided to give you a discounted price of just $12.
Only thing is that the offer ends on the 30th of October 1998.

Well, enough said, why not download a free copy of ConnectPal
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