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heart nutrients

From: <nutrition3@hotmail.com>
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 1998 17:11:03
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We are a nutritional distribution company specializing in 
natural, food
> based vitamins, nutrients and supplements that address 
> concerns. We are currently in the process of developing a links 
page at
> our site are looking for top of the line 
nutritional/alternative health
> products that we can add a link to.  If you now of any sites 
that might
   qualify for this offer, please let us know.
> Our heart pack consists of  an exclusive blend of nutrients 
that has the
> potential to restore and improve cardiovascular health.
> Our Royal Jelly/EDTA formula provides the richest natural 
source of B
> vitamins and folic acid available.In addition it  has a 
positive effect
> on excess homocysteine.
> Our combination Ginkgo extract (24%) and standardized coenzyme 
> provides benefits for overall circulatory health.
> Our garlic provides one of the highest yields of allicin and is 
> studies for its positive benefits against heart disease.
  Our Fiber  cap contains a perfect blend of soluble and 
insoluble fibers
  to help maintain a healthy digestive tract and keep cholesterol 
in check.

  Our Bee Pollen Formula supplies the most complete cholesterol 
  nutrients that work together to help protect against the 
factors that lead
  to heart attacks and stroke.

  The Vitamin E formula contains eight natural sources of vitamin 
  the leading heart health antioxidant.

  Our heart pack offers unique state of the art food based 
supplements that are
  packed with safe and non-toxic natural ingredients and are 
salt, sugerand yeast.

  To find out more about these and other supplements that are 
  reply to this message with the appropriate information or call 
us directly 
  at 612-305-2831.

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