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From: <sylee@rcunix.kotel.co.kr>
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 16:32:37 +0900
Message-Id: <199711260732.QAA03247@rcunix.kotel.co.kr.>
Mail written in Korean. My apologies to those who cannot read Korean.
The Biggest Christian Collection in Korea http://www.idetect.com/~cdetect/

@z4B GQ19Ek=E@G @NEM3]A$:80K;v<-:q=:@N A$:8E=A$(http://www.idetect.com/)@G
0K;v?#Ax 039_@; 4c4gGO0m @V4B @L;s?1@T4O4Y.

:; E-Mail@; EkGX >K7A 5e8.0m@Z GO4B ;u7N?n <-:q=: 3;?*@: 4Y@=0z 00=@4O4Y.

 o A&8q : 1b56;g@LF. 0K;v <-:q=:(0!D* !:1b56 A$:8E=A$!;)
 o @'D! : http://www.idetect.com/~cdetect/
 o 1b4I : 1b5613 0|7C @% Fd@LAv @Z5? <vA} 9W 0K;v, 1b5613 :P>_ AV?d 
          @% ;g@LF. :P7y 9W 0K;v
 o 9|?k @NEM3]A$:80K;v0z :q13GQ @eA! :
   - AvA$5H :P>_@G A$:888@; <1:0GX<- 0K;vGX A]4O4Y -> @O9] A$:80K;v 
     <-:q=:4B <<;s@G ?B0+ :P>_ A$:80! GT22 0K;v 5G9G7N ?xGO4B :P>_@G 
     A$:888@; <1:0GX<- :81b0! >n7F=@4O4Y. 
   - A$:8@G 0;=E@L :|8(4O4Y -> @O9] A$:80K;v <-:q=:4B 4k;s 9.<-@G >g@L 
     89>F 0;=E AV1b0! 1f>n @% Fd@LAv@G :/H-0! 9]?55G4B5% GQ4^ @L;s 
     0I8.4B 0f?l0! 89Av88, :; <-:q=:4B @OAV@O @L3;?! :/H-0! 9]?55K4O4Y.

:; <-:q=:4B E)8.=:C. ;gH8@G 0x@M@; 8q@{@87NGQ :q?58. 8q@{@G <-:q=:@L8g 
1b 039_5G>n @N1b8.?! H0?kA_@N @Z8E <-:q=: !:A$:8E=A$ GQ?5<:0f0K;v!;
<-:q=:(http://www.idetect.com/~bible/)?M GT22 CV0m@G 1b5613 :P>_ @|9. 
A$:8 <-:q=:7N <:@eGX 3*0% 0M@T4O4Y.

;g?kGX :8=C0m 86@=?! 5e=C8i bookmark?! 5n7O=CDQ AV=C0m, @L?t?!55 >K7A 
89@: H0?k@L @V557O GX AV=C8i 0(;gGO0Z=@4O4Y. >F?o7/ ;g?kA_ :RFmGQ A!@L3*
@_8x5H A!@; >K7A AV=C8i Ao=C 9]?5Ed7O GO0Z=@4O4Y.

                              - GQ19Ek=E 8VF<9L5p>n?,18<R @L;s?1 -

!X :; e-mail@: :; <-:q=:@G @Z5? 9.<- <vA}1b0! <vA}GQ @% 9.<-?! FwGT5H 
   E-Mail AV<R8& @Z5? C_CbGO?) 9_<[5H 0M@T4O4Y. :; <-:q=:?! 0|=I@L 
   >x4B :P22 Mail@L @|4^5G>z4Y8i ;g0z 5e8.0Z=@4O4Y.
Received on Wednesday, 26 November 1997 02:27:31 UTC

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