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Re: Submission using Mozilla XForms plugin

From: Aaron Reed <aaronr@us.ibm.com>
Date: Wed, 24 Jun 2009 12:32:18 -0500
To: www-forms@w3.org
Message-ID: <h1tnvd$nc8$1@ger.gmane.org>

For ways to contact the mozilla xforms community specifically, look 
here: http://www.mozilla.org/projects/xforms/feedback.html

Your form works fine on my machine using mozilla xforms 0.8.6 on FF 
3.0.11 when I load it into my browser from my machine locally.  I'm 
guessing you are having a security issue?  Look in your error console 
and see if there is any error/warning.


Alok G. Singh wrote:
> Apologies in advance if I am posting this in the wrong forum. Please let
> me know an appropriate forum too.
> I am having some trouble submitting the form data. I have made a small test
> case that is attached.
> I tried to validate the XML using a validator[1] and that said that the
> <model> and <select1> islands did not validate. I am at a loss as to
> what is wrong exactly. The messages are of the form:
> Error! Island 0 failed validation with code 1
> Any help would be much appreciated. TIA.
> Footnotes: 
> [1]  http://xformsinstitute.com/validator/
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
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