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Mozilla XForms version 0.8 is available

From: Aaron Reed <aaronr@us.ibm.com>
Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2007 18:09:40 -0500
To: www-forms@w3.org
Message-ID: <OF17B2010F.0E84C5B3-ON872572F6.007F16B8-862572F6.007ED752@us.ibm.com>

Mozilla XForms Extension Preview Release 0.8
-- "The ruptured capillaries in your nose belie the clarity of your

The Mozilla XForms project is proud to announce version 0.8 of our
extension.  The "change log" of the most important things can be found at
the end of this email.

For a complete list of what is, and what is not, supported, please see the
release notes: http://www.mozilla.org/projects/xforms/ReleaseNotes-v8.html

Executive summary

* support for using SOAPAction on submission
* leak fixes
* support for mediatype on output elements
* range support for many different datatypes
* support for resource element and attribute for submission

You can find download and install instructions on our download page:

Note: You need to run Firefox ( or SeaMonkey (1.1.2+) to use the

Note: v0.8 is likely to be the last release available for FF 1.5.x and the
FF 1.5.x version is currently only available for download as a nightly.
Future releases will be available for FF 2.x and 3.x as Mozilla continues
to support them.

We look forward to feedback on the extension, on the mailing list, on IRC,
or through bug reports. For details, see our feedback page:

Known Bugs
All known bugs can be found in the Bugzilla system.


Change Log

Basic functionality:
* Leak fixes in XForms (bug 375320) and XTF (bug 316569, delivered in FF
* support SOAPAction header on submission (bug 309442)
* support for tabindex (bug 339286)
* serialization using method="multipart-post" doesn't serialize parts (bug
* relative binding expressions in repeats have problems (bug 357569)
* submission 'post' to file doesn't work (bug 357901)
* xsi:type value with no prefix handled incorrectly (bug 360974)
* repeat doesn't update on value changes (bug 362308)
* reset has stopped working (bug 362310)
* getting submission error using JS + xf:send (bug 366878)
* Problem with XForms using itemsets across models (bug 368627)
* Crash loading form with select inside repeat (bug 371285)
* xsi:type not on root element is ignored (bug 375983)
* support @validate on submission element (bug 377298)
* support @standalone on submission element (bug 377888)
* support deferred RRRR events in an action element (bug 378702)
* support for resource element on submission to allow more flexibility (bug

Controls (for XHTML and XUL):
* Implement mediatype support for output (bug 347327)
* Enhancements to spinbuttons and non-numeric range control types (bug
* Controls should not be allowed to bind to complexContent (bug 356190)
* [ally] arrow/pgUP/pgDown keys behavior for range (bug 356498)
* xf:textarea appears to have a 4096 characters size restriction (bug
* select1 keyboard navigation problems (bug 360188)
* inline message regression (bug 363516)
* Support dateTime types for Range (bug 370551)
* Support Date and Time types for Range (bug 372736)
* Support gregorian calendar types for Range (bug 372737)
* Support yearMonthDuration and dayTimeDuration ranges (bug 372739)
* output with value doesn't find context (bug 376217)
* Range: bound value should not change unless the user changes it (bug

Controls (XUL only):
* implement xforms:upload for xul context (bug 347563)
* use spin controls for xul calendar (bug 365907)
* xf:input for xul can't be readonly (bug 367719)
* XUL's minimal submit styles are missed (bug 371607)

* copyItem doesn't generate xforms-value-changed (bug 361094)
* Actions inside itemsets behave incorrectly (bug 374994)
* Wrong ordering of dispatched events (bug 377878)

* complexType without complexContent fails validation (bug 340995)
* complexType with optional complex content fails (bug 373061)
* nsXFormsModelElement::ValidateNode() wrongly assumes simple type (bug
* Add support for schema validation of mixed content models (bug 375986)
* nsSchemaValidator::Validate() wrongly fails due to xsi:type resolution
(bug 376385)
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