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Question regarding achieving Digital Signatures and non-repudiation using XForms

From: duryodhan <duryodhan125@gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 3 Jun 2007 08:43:53 +0530
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To: www-forms@w3.org

 I have read around on the web and "Digital Signatures" and
"non-repudiation" seem to be oft repeated terms along with XForms. For
e.g see "Extending SOA with XForms" by Cayce Marston. Many other
talks/articles by Dr. John Boyer also expand on the same idea.
e.g http://www.idealliance.org/proceedings/xml05/ship/74/XFormsAndXFDL_Boyer.HTML#d0e2130

 I am trying to find out if digital signing in a Public Key
Infrastructure is possible with XForms (+XFDL/XHTML say) . I want a
solution in which the client will sign the form using his private key
and then submit it (kinda have a "Sign" button next to submit).Due to
the PKI , non-repudiation will be achieved even as long as 1 years
later. Is something like this possible in XForms? My main nagging
question is always .. in any form of signing that is mentioned all
over the web... how is the private key of the user read and how is the
passphrase of the user read?

I am kinda a noob , so I apologise for any stupid mistakes I made.
Please freely correct me regarding same.

 My main aim is always to achieve non-repudiation . If there is a
better method to do this , please inform me of it too.

Also If anything in not clear, please reply .. I will try to make it
clearer am much as I can.

Thanks a lot
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