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XForms News: HP, Nuxeo, SlowerPoint, Healthcare, Mozilla

From: Sebastian Schnitzenbaumer <schnitz@demaledetti.net>
Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2006 08:41:07 +0100
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Dear www-forms community,

so much stuff happening around XForms that does not get
mentioned here, I decided to write up some quick digest of
just the most recent news:

Hewlett-Packard Portal Domain Lead:

"By using the same systems for desktops as well as mobile devices, we do not 
incur the large cost of setting up special rendering environments for each 
type of mobile user. Using one system means our per-page/per user cost would 
be much lower. Leveraging technologies like Xforms, xml, xslt, css we can 
get there building on where we are today. This is how we will make the 
content available-and once it is done, it will be more likely that people 
will start using their mobile devices to search out that content."


Nuxeo: Eclipse/SWT XForms engine released
"For us, this new plugin opens new perspectives for Rich Client applications 
: all user interface forms can be dynamically defined by the server. It's 
another step in unifying web interfaces and rich client applications... one 
form to design to create the UI in the browser and in the rich client 
application. One more step for the Web and Desktop convergence!"


X-Smiles: Continues to amaze with SlowerPoint

Mikko Honkala and his folks get my personal all time award for the most 
innovative browser. Sure, UI isn't state of the art, but hey, its all about 
architecture, concepts, testing. So now there is this tree control being 
worked on for XForms 1.1, that basically aims to provide sophisticated 
structural editing capabilites that could allow you to easily turn XForms 
into a full-fledged text editor for e.g. blogging. X-Smiles has this thing 
implemented already in an experimental form (disclaimer: No, this is not the 
final markup, nor a recommedation, nor anything), but it works, and shows 
the direction. You can check out X-Smiles as an Applet inside your Browser 
(need Java), and especially check out the SlowerPoint demo:

(Note: the applet does seem to be working with me today, but since this is 
based on the nightly builds, it'll sure work again tomorrow or the next 
days, when the bugs in current build are resolved)

IBM at HiMSS 06: Developing a Public Health Information Network

"This session on public health IT will feature NEDSS, the National Disease 
Surveillance System; PHIN, the Public Health Information Network; the 
BioSense syndromic surveillance system; and NBIS, the National Bioterrorism 
Information System."
Wednesday, February 15, 9:45 AM - 10:45 AM

Dixie Baker, PhD
Kevin Kelly
Tim Morris
Education Session Number: 140


Next Mozilla XForms featuring XBL'zed Repeats:

Allan Beaufour: "We recently moved quite a lot of patches to the 1.8.0 
branch, to get ready for the next release (version 0.4), for Firefox - this should happen really soon. You can track what we need before 
the release in bug 326555."


Hope you find this useful, have a great day,

- Sebastian
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