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RE: What to do with a 404 on a submission replace="all"?

From: Klotz, Leigh <Leigh.Klotz@xerox.com>
Date: Mon, 3 Apr 2006 13:40:32 -0700
Message-ID: <E254B0A7E0268949ABFE5EA97B7D0CF401B2B5E9@usa7061ms01.na.xerox.net>
To: "Allan Beaufour" <beaufour@gmail.com>, <www-forms@w3.org>

On a related topic, I wish there were a way to distinguish
server-reported errors (such as the 404) from processor-generated errors
(such as missing required fields).  Presumably this will come with the
context info, but it would probably be useful even to separate them at
gross level.  As it is, a form that catches xforms-submit-error can't do
much with it.  And if the processor reports validation or required field
errors on its own (such as by highlighting missing fields), then the
xforms-submit-error is a true annoyance.

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Subject: What to do with a 404 on a submission replace="all"?

On reading the xforms-submit section of the specification, it states:
"For an error response nothing in the document is replaced, and submit
processing concludes after dispatching xforms-submit-error."

I would mean that a 404 is an error response, so it seems clear that we
should dispatch xforms-submit-error and do nothing more. Is that

... Allan
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