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RE: still have xsd:include problem..

From: Mark Birbeck <mark.birbeck@x-port.net>
Date: Tue, 24 May 2005 15:02:14 +0100
Message-ID: <9D6E647C-F28F-4F1B-B455-2F1E03159592@S009>
To: <ava@vaz.ru>
Cc: <www-forms@w3.org>, <formsPlayer@yahoogroups.com>


> > I'm not 100% certain, but I think the problem is with your schemas, 
> > and you need a default namespace to be defined. You have 
> > @targetNamespace, but try putting the same namespace inside @xmlns. 
> > That should put your types into the correct namespace.

> It hasn't helped :((..

Could you post your latest attempts and we'll take a look. Also, I've CCd
our Yahoo! Group so that we can take this discussion off the 'general'
XForms mailing-list.



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