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RE: How can a text file be uploaded by XForms?

From: Mark Birbeck <mark.birbeck@x-port.net>
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2005 18:18:36 +0100
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To: "'Kianoush Eshaghi'" <Kianoush.Eshaghi@metadat.at>, <www-forms@w3.org>


Can I just check that I understand the issue? Are you saying that you want
to upload the file 'as is'? That is, you don't want to see it to be stored
in a binary or hex format?

If so, then I am afraid that can't be done in XForms 1.0, although it
certainly wouldn't be difficult to do. At the moment the specification says
that you must bind to an element with a schema type of one of the binary
types -- which is why formsPlayer correctly "cries" if you use a type of
xsd:string ;).

However, just having the raw text is certainly a good suggestion for XForms

By the way, once the data is copied in, are you then going to submit it to a
server? Or are you going to do something else. I ask only to try and
understand what you are trying to do, in case there is another way round it.
(For example, a quick resolution would be to use an XPath extension function
to 'unencode' the base64 data back to text. A bit long-winded, I know, but
it may address your issue for now.)



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> Subject: How can a text file be uploaded by XForms?
> Hi everybody!
> I have implemented a form using XForms, whereby I use IE 
> Plug-In (FormsPlayer 1.3). I want to built some control 
> element in the form control, which enable to upload some text 
> file (with extend .txt) into some node of my XML instance. 
> I've used <xforms:upload/> in my form control, and set the 
> type of node in instance as type="xsd:base64Binary"
> as following:
> <xf:model>
> 	<xf:instance>
> 		<request>
> 			<description/>
> 		</request>
> 	</xf:instance>
> 	<xf:bind id="des" nodeset="/request/description"
> type="xsd:base64Binary"/>
> </xf:model>
> <xf:upload bind="des">
> 	<xf:label>Select the file:</xf:label>
> </xf:upload>
> <xf:output bind="des"/>
> But I get as xml instance (output control) after uploading of 
> the text file some other encoded symbols.
> How can I upload the content of the text file without any 
> encoding at the text into instance? I have tried with 
> "xsd:string", but the FormsPlayer cries ;-( that the instance 
> is invalid.
> I appreciate your tips and pointers.
> freundliche Gruesse / best regards
> Dipl.-Ing. Kianoush Eshaghi     T +43 1 74040-652
> METADAT - The Architect for Knowledge Networks
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