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RE: Sources for possible selections and actual data

From: Robert Bull <robert.bull@btconnect.com>
Date: Fri, 14 May 2004 08:26:55 +0100
To: "Victor" <engmark-usenet@orakel.ntnu.no>, <www-forms@w3.org>
Message-ID: <HGEBLDGAEJLFJAEBFHFAGELKCCAA.robert.bull@btconnect.com>

Victor, should it interest you we have done a lot of work developing a drag
and draw forms designer for xForms, and will be putting a beta3 (release
candidate) out this weekend.

The form at
http://www.onform.biz/xformsprojects/via_formsplayer/grid/xForm_1.htm is
direct output from the designer, and it took longer to ftp it to the web
than it did to create it

Best Regards


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Mark Birbeck wrote:
> Hi Victor,
>>I am trying to get the possible choices for a select1 statement
>>from one instance, and the actual values of the selects from a
>>different instance. The problem is, in Chiba, the latter is
>>ignored, and all select boxes show only the first alternative.
> There are three problems here. The first is that in your code you have
> nested the second xf:bind within the first:
>><xf:bind id="job-bind" nodeset="job">
>>	<xf:bind id="jobResult-bind" nodeset="result"/>
> (I assume there is a closing </xf:bind> that you have snipped. If there
> isn't, then this is invalid XML anyway, all of the following is
> and you just need to fix your mark-up be stopping this being a nested

The example is working, valid XForms. See the reply to Susan Borgrink.

> Nested binds *are* allowed, but the nodeset of the nested bind you have
> specified would be:
>   job/result
> which I assume is not what you want.

That is exactly what I want.

> The second problem is that a nested bind is supposed to iterate over the
> nodeset produced by its parent, and this causes problems if you try to
> the nested bind. For example, if you have:

*snip* This works in Chiba, with the only exception of select statements.

> However, even if you sort this out, not all implementations will behave as
> you expect - the third problem! - since the exact behaviour of an
> xf:select(1) that takes its selection choices from one instance and places
> the result in another is still being debated on the Working Group. Our
> formsPlayer implementation does allow this, but we did have to a little
> shuffling to make this work, so the WG is just trying to ensure that the
> current implementations are all agreed on how it should be done.

What I do not understand here is the part of " an xf:select(1) that
takes its selection choices from one instance and places the result in
another". Would anyone want to fetch the choices from the input/output
file, according to some "selected" attribute? That would be redundant in
the extreme.

I'm sorry to say that fP already has been evaluated (albeit only a short
time) and discarded as an option for our project since it seems unable
to display the data in an orderly table. While Chiba looks like
http://vengmark.home.cern.ch/vengmark/moi/screenshots/chiba.png after
only minimal CSS editing, fP looks like
If you can provide me with an example of an fP XForms document which
looks more like the Chiba example, I would be happy to re-evaluate your

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